"I love life too much and maybe that's why I need to record it, not only with my eyes"


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Why wedding photographer?

Weddings allows me to combine photographic disciplines I’m in love with. The most significant are:
· Portrait Photography
· Documentary Photography
· Fashion photography
Although there are many more!
In addition, I learn a lot from my couples and I have the opportunity to meet incredible people.


The first and most important decission is style. Why? Style is what make your job different and unique You create your style with your stories, memories, passions… Actually it’s a reflection of yourself. You get it step by step and you can’t change it. Therefore I recommend you think twice about that and choose a photographer whose style makes you víbrate.

Colour | B&W

I like black and white as well as colour. They both have a purpose.
B&W eliminates the distraction of colour. The eye pays more attention to shapes, textures and patterns. It get abstract the viewer who is not used to visualizing reality in this way.
Colour provides a lot of information and is of great value as long as it is in your favor. Colour is a science in itself.
I took this very seriously and decided to tackle it like never before in my career by adding a high-end photo monitor and calibrator.
Finally, I feel very comfortable with both options. So, what do you prefer?

posed vs natural

Posing is a science. Body language speaks about us. As a photographer it’s part of my continuous learning.
Don’t be afraid to pose at all. It’s a great exercise to exalt our beauty. We stylize ourselves in front of the camera in our favor.
I love taking unexpected photographs when you’re totally relaxed and you are not realize anything. Other times, I see a crazy photo and go for it and in others, I try to make the most of my couples. If it’s necessary I guide and help them to improve their body posture in front of the camera.
Why choose? We have time for everything. I love mixing these moments so the result is a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings.

Photo retouching

The finishing touch of our photos seeks to emulate analog film through tone, contrast and noise (grain in analog)
If we print an album and it’s necessary we retouch deeply the images.
In any case, we believe in a correct preparation of the photographs it does not to undergo big changes in the next processing.


If you want an album we’re glad to make it for you.
We understand the value of your photos. Those incredible moments. It will be an honor for us and we’ll take your memories seriously.
Nowadays we work with Floricolor, a leader in professional photo album printing.
Our favorite format is the 30x40cm horizontal, but we’ll adjust your preferences.
Maybe you prefer an option without album, don’t worry! You have the FULL WEDDING option where we will give you all the photographs at maximum resolution in a USB flash memory.


We can meet and solve all your doubts before the event in the way you prefer. In person or video call what you prefer!
For us, the best way is doing Pre-Wedding session (one of our favorites) which we get to know each other even better.


We are located in Huelva. We do not charge for travel expenses in the province.
If we have to go out of Huelva, the expenses are assumed at the time of formalizing the contract.


I love photography and it is a self-justifying discipline. Even so, I’m unable to conceive my life without cinema.
The value of images in movement is indisputable and it must be recognized that the wedding video is a more complete document: photography, movement and sound.
Contact me to know more about our videos.


The first payment formalizes the couple’s relationship with the photographer as a deposit.
Usually, it represents 30% of the total budget. One week before the event, a payment of 50% and finally, the remaining 20% ​​upon delivery of all the work.

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